Ethosomal Drug Delivery System: A Newer Approach


  • Naresh Kalra Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar
  • Suresh Choudhary Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar
  • Pankaj Arora Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar
  • Namita Arora Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar



Ethosomes, Non- Invasive, Ethosomal carrier, Ethanol.


The transdermal drug delivery system is a technique that provides advantages over conventional administration routes such as intravenous ororal route. Ethosomes are non-invasive delivery carriers that enables drugs to reach the deep skin layers and the systemic circulation. Ethosomal systems are conceptually sophisticated, they are simple in their preparation, safe for use a combination that can highly expand their application. Ethosomes are soft, malleable vesicles tailored for enhanced delivery of active agents. The size range of ethosomes may vary from tens of nanometres (nm) to microns (µm). Ethosomes formulation are convenient for use & harmlessness to skin.



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Author Biographies

Naresh Kalra, Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Suresh Choudhary, Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Pankaj Arora, Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Namita Arora, Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar

Faculty of Pharmacy, Lords University, Alwar


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